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We are JBL Energy Partners

Exploration and Production at its Best

JBL Energy Partners LLC (“JBL”) is a privately held exploration and production company with a wide array of experience and expertise located in Tomball TX. JBL and its principals have a history of being first movers in a variety of Oil and Gas plays across Texas, New Mexico, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Louisiana, Mississippi and New York spanning the Woodbine, Marcellus, Niobrara, Deep Overthrust, Haynesville Shale, Austin Chalk, Lobo, Eagleford Shale in both operating and non-operating capacities.

JBL’s value proposition to investors is attributable to its ability to successfully connect and negotiate with a vast array of parties including the small family ranch and landowners, to the largest public E&P companies. Once assets are acquired, JBL’s operating and technical team leverages its extensive experience and skill set to set a plan of development and executes optimally.


JBL seeks opportunities across the lower 48 states which fit a stringent risk reward profile and make sense in both a macro play setting as well as at the most granular level. Through the years, JBL has employed a strategy where it would rather do nothing and preserve its own resources than jump into a questionable situation following a trend set by other industry players. If extensive media attention exists on a particular play and JBL doesn’t own an asset there already, it most likely never will. JBL is a seller upon headlines not a buyer.


JBL’s management team possesses a track record of success and has the technical and operational competencies aligned to develop and optimize value from the target asset 

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