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Management Team

Experience and Proven Track Record

23 year track record of procuring and divesting of oil and gas leases, mineral and royalty interests and production in the lower 48 states through his own partnerships and joint ventures. Through the years Jason has raised over $450 million of investor capital. His most recent large transactions included lease divestitures to Halcon Resources (Woodbine)
and Terrace Energy LLC (Woodbine). Previously, Jason sold Rocky Mountain prospects to Bill Barrett Corp as well as multiple prospects to Chesapeake Energy across East Texas. Additionally, Jason has
operated and or participated in the drilling of wells in Texas, Louisiana, Montana and Wyoming. He has led all of his partnerships since 2002 with partners ranging from family offices to hedge funds. He has been directly involved in the leasing of over 650,000 prime acres for his partnerships. Also in the royalty field, Jason has sold multiple royalty packages to private equity backed companies including NGP portfolio companies as well as Noble Royalties.

Jason Lane

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Lane

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Lane has more than 23 years of vast industry experience in all aspects of E&P,  production operations, including an extensive track record of structuring and managing successful partnerships. Mr. Lane has raised investment capital from partners ranging from Hedge Funds to Family Offices for successful ventures, wherein, he was lead manager in originating, acquiring, divesting and managing Oil & Gas Assets, including, but not limited to operated and non-operated drilling projects, acquisitions and divesting of oil and gas  leaseholds of over 650,000+ prime acres, mineral and royalty interests and production in the lower 48 States in most geological prospective,  conventional and unconventional oil and gas plays, within most major Basins. 

Some of Mr. Lane’s Notable transactions, include his  royalty production transaction of $31 million in 2007 to a large Family Office. Further accomplishments by Mr. Lane in the  royalty space, are reflected in him having sold multiple royalty packages to NGP portfolio companies and Noble Royalties. Notable recent large transactions included leasehold divestitures to Halcon Resources  (Woodbine) and Terrace Energy LLC (Woodbine). Previously, Mr. Lane divested very large prospects in the Rocky Mountain to Bill Barrett Corporation as well as multiple prospects to Chesapeake Energy across East Texas.

Mr. Lane has also managed a 125 Landman operation which was responsible for title and lease acquisition work for several significant companies across Texas and Louisiana.

Scott Bernstein

Chief Financial Officer

Financial Executive with 20 years of experience in capital markets and energy finance. Scott possesses core competencies in deal negotiations and structuring, financial sponsor relations, financial modeling and budgeting. Scott is a seasoned CFO who has led over $250 million of transactions in the energy industry with a specific focus on structured credit and asset-backed finance. In 2011, Scott led and developed the first Alaskan Oil and Gas Tax Credit receivable finance facility which served as the model for all subsequent transactions.

Mike Loudermilk

Operations Engineer

Operations Manager with over 30 years of  hands on operations experiences in all areas the oil and gas business. A Petroleum Engineer with an MBA he has demonstrated technical competence as a Production, Completion, Drilling and Reservoir Engineer in his career.  He has experience onshore and offshore both in the US and in several overseas locations.  The former Operations manager for Lime Rock he ran the drilling, completion and field development for 2300 wells in the Permian, Delaware, Anadarko and Arkoma Basins as well as he Bakken.  As a consultant he has led the planning and evaluation two potential Permian Basin acquisitions.

Tara Seaman (Consultant)

Reservoir Engineer

Over 35 years as reservoir engineer, specializing in evaluating developed and undeveloped properties for acquisitions, dispositions or SEC reporting.  Ms. Seaman was employed at Swift Energy Company from 1982 to 2008.  Her last position was VP Acquisitions, Dispositions, and Reserves from 1996 to 2008.  As VP, Ms. Seaman managed a team of geoscientists and     engineers, coordinating with land, legal, operations, and accounting, to buy and sell producing and undeveloped properties. She was responsible for coordinating with a consortium of 8-10 banks biannually to determine the company’s corporate line of credit.

Fred Hoffman

Head of Geoscience

33 years experience as a Geoscientist who has been with JBL since 2010. Mr. Hoffman is a proven hydrocarbon finder responsible for discoveries in Texas Lobo-Wilcox-Yegua, Ark-La-Tex, Offshore Gulf of Mexico, Texas Gulf Coast, West Texas, New Mexico, and South Louisiana.  In the 2000’s Fred was instrumental in targeting successful plays for Sierra Pines Resources and Subsurface Consultants, McAllen Oil & Gas, Icarus Oil & Gas and Pioneer Exploration, where he spent a combined eight years.Fred spent 7 years at Trans Texas Gas Corporation in the 90’s where he was responsible for the discovery of over 300 bcf of gas and 222 completed wells. 

Matt McEachern

Land Manager

22 years of experience in all phases of land work. Matt has been instrumental in negotiating leases with key landowners at favorable terms for JBL in the acquisition of the Woodbine projects in the JBL portfolio.  He is a key builder and maintainer of relationships for JBL aided by his depth of experience and acute knowledge of what is important to landowners in the negotiation process.  During 2006-2008, in his own venture, Matt successfully demonstrated his acumen for lease flipping heading a management team that successfully bought and sold over $30 million of leasehold in the Barnett Shale Play at significant returns to investors.

JBL’s management team possesses a track record of success and has the technical and operational competencies aligned to develop and optimize value from the target asset 

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