Jason Lane, (Chief Executive Officer)

23 year track record of procuring and divesting of oil and gas leases, mineral and royalty interests and production in the lower 48 states through his own partnerships and joint ventures. Through the years Jason has raised over $450 million of investor capital. His most recent large transactions included lease divestitures to Halcon Resources (Woodbine) and Terrace Energy LLC (Woodbine). Previously, Jason sold Rocky Mountain prospects to Bill Barrett Corp as well as multiple prospects to Chesapeake Energy across East Texas. Additionally, Jason has operated and or participated in the drilling of wells in Texas, Louisiana, Montana and Wyoming. He has led all of his partnerships since 2002 with partners ranging from family offices to hedge funds. He has been directly involved in the leasing of over 650,000 prime acres for his partnerships. Also in the royalty field, Jason has sold multiple royalty packages to private equity backed companies including NGP portfolio companies as well as Noble Royalties.

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